The adoption of modern manufacturing practices, in particular, just-in-time manufacturing, had provided businesses with increased profitability. However, these practices have a down-side – the failure of a single piece of equipment can bring corporate-wide product production to a halt.

Take for example, an automotive OEM stamping plant. Such facilities encompass millions of square feet and can be home to more than a dozen stamping lines. These stamping lines, which operate 24/7/365, produce parts that are shipped to numerous other facilities across the US. However, should a stamping line unexpectedly cease operations, the cost to the company starts at $20/min in lost revenue and can rapidly escalate to $600/min in lost revenue if the problem is not resolved within 48 hours. Since some of the stamping equipment is more than 50 years old, the likelihood of an unexpected failure is ever-present.

Minimizing losses means reducing unexpected downtime. A system that can provide plant managers with a forewarning of an impending failure allows them to schedule maintenance in a manner that is minimally disruptive to business. Civionics’ wireless sensor system and cloud-based reporting does exactly this.

Our technology is not limited to manufacturing plants. The extendibility of the underlying hardware combined with the flexibility of the firmware and webware applications, makes our technology suitable for a wide range of businesses – from heavy manufacturing to building energy monitoring to healthcare to competitive sports. As importantly, the team’s deep technical expertise allows us to easily and cost-effectively extend our standard platform for fully customized solutions to a customer’s specific needs