About Us

Civionics was founded in 2009, with technology spun out from the University of Michigan, to provide sensing, control, and analytics systems that optimize resource utilization. Civionics has since gained valuable market experience building configurable, scalable, wireless systems for civil, naval, and energy applications.

Some of the Company’s early projects, funded largely by various federal R&D grants, included:

  • A highly distributed wireless system that monitored hull strain in naval vessels;
  • A low-cost wireless monitoring system for urban search-and-rescue personnel for finding survivors in partially and totally collapsed buildings; and
  • A wireless system to accurately detect a building occupant’s presence and level of activity.

The Company’s current focus is large-scale commercialization of its technologies. To achieve this goal, we are partnering with established companies that wish to expand their product lines by offering Civionics-developed capabilities to their customers. Our efforts are bearing fruit; companies in the US, Saudi Arabia, China, and Australia have engaged with us for the purpose of commercializing our products