Percev Nodes

Percēv Nodes represent the wireless data acquisition and processing core of the Percēv System. Multiple configurations are available, from compact to environmentally hardened. Unlike competitive products, which typically require one wireless node per sensing transducer, each Percēv Node can manage incoming data from up to 20 transducers. Percēv Nodes are typically battery powered, with battery lifetimes of up to a decade. Percēv Nodes communicate with each other via 802.15.4 and with the cloud via WiFi or 3G Interfaces.

Product Description

Low-power wireless data acquisition hardware

  • accommodates up to 20 modular sensor channels
  • supports an extensive suite of transducer types
  • communicates locally using IEEE 802.15.4 standard

On-board data analytics capabilities

  • reduces power demands & extends battery life
  • enables high density installations

WiFi and 3G secondary radio options

  • provides cloud-hosted data storage
  • exposes powerful visualization tools
  • enables customizable text/email alerts

Modular Design for Maximum Versatility

Versatile hardware interface for sensors, actuators, radios, and co-processors User programmable Percēv™ Stream Processor for embedding and executing proprietary processing algorithms

 Product Data Sheet