Civionics’ technology was developed by our team, many of whom are pioneers in the wireless structural-monitoring field. Our approach offers a unique combination of best practices from structural engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, wireless networking, and information theory.

Because our data collecting sensors process information before transmitting it, our systems significantly reduce the amount of data that needs to be communicated wirelessly. Our method reduces or eliminates problems such as lack of sufficient bandwidth, limited battery life, inadequate storage capacity, and decision-making paralysis due to data inundation.

Over the past decade, the Civionics team has used this approach to successfully implement wireless monitoring systems on long-span bridges, wind turbines, naval combatant vessels, and theater balconies for customers in New Mexico, Michigan, California, Korea, and Taiwan.

The following peer-reviewed, scholarly papers by members of our team, delve into the scientific details of our approach: