Civionics engages Shifting Gears' interns

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

To assist Civionics with identifying potential markets for its technology, the Company has turned to the MEDC-sponsored Shifting Gears program. The Shifting Gears program is a “a career-transition program for seasoned mid- and late-career professional talent going through, or preparing to go through, a career transition scenario.” As a part of the program, each intern is expected to spend 80 hours working with a startup company in order to better appreciate how startups differ from established businesses.

Kim Parham (Shifting Gears, cohort 20) an electrical engineer with the Chrysler Group, was Civionics’ first intern. Among his various responsibilities with Chrysler, Kim developed and implemented a comprehensive power monitoring system. We asked him to help us better understand the industrial applications of our technology for energy monitoring. Kim efforts were tremendously valuable as he also made several warm introductions for us to potential customers.

Our second intern is Regina Mayo (Shifting Gears, cohort 21) had previous experience in the insurance industry. She has been engaged her to do customer discover around the notion of using the Civionics technology as a tool to provide security and peace-of-mind to live-alone elderly and their families. Regina’s findings to date suggest that there does appear to be an unmet market need, but how the product is presented and marketed will be critically important.

The Company’s third intern will be Mary Mathieu, PhD (Shifting Gears, cohort 24) who has extensive experience working with elderly results and who is currently the Program Coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association-Greater Michigan Chapter. Mary will be asked to build upon Regina’s work, specifically to start identifying those product features that are of importance to potential customers.

According to Andy Zimmerman, Civionics’ CEO, “These interns’ efforts add considerable value to the company because of their professional backgrounds, established networks of connections, and their drive to maximize the Shifting Gears learning experience.” He further added that their efforts have (and will) advance the Company’s commercialization plans.