Civionics Wins Awards

Sunday, 22 March 2015

With its shift in market focus from building energy monitoring to prognostic health monitoring (PHM) for heavy manufacturing facilities, Civionics has started to garner attention for its technologies.

Many manufacturers had shift to just-in-time production processes, processes that greatly reduce costs by reducing the amount of in-process inventory. Though generally considered to be highly successful, in certain operations, there may be a single piece of machinery through which all production flows. Should this piece of equipment fail unexpectedly, the cost to the company can be significant.

Civionics addresses this problem with its technology – a combination of robust, low-cost, intelligent wireless sensor nodes and cloud-based data storage and processing. This system provides manufacturers with advance warning of impending failures, thus allowing them to proactively schedule downtime to address the issue as opposed to reactively scrambling in the case of unplanned downtime. Civionics’ technology is being examined by two large automotive manufacturers and one of the regions largest electronics distributors.

Based on this traction, Michigan Celebrates Small Business, one of Michigan’s premier events for entrepreneurial and small businesses, as awarded Civionics its 2015 Innovation Award. According to Andy Zimmerman, Civionics’ CEO, “Given the wealth of early-stage technology businesses in the State, this award is particularly meaningful. We are proud to be listed alongside previous years’ winners of this award.”

Civionics has also been named a semi-finalist in the 7th Annual Global Automotive Innovation Challenge due to its strong trajectory to help make significant improvements in key innovation areas for the Automotive Industry. The Challenge, hosted by the Society for Automotive Engineers, the MIT Alliance of Michigan, and NextEnergy provides its winner with cash awards and in-kind services. But for Zimmerman, “While cash is always useful for a startup, the recognition that comes with the award and the introductions to be made on our behalf, can position the Company for success.”